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Thursday, 25th November, 2004

Thursday, November 25, 2004

# The list of candidates nominated for the Pitcairn Island elections on the 15th of December have been posted. They are: Mayor:

  • Brenda Christian
  • Jay Warren
  • Mike Warren
Chairman of internal committee:
  • Brenda Christian
  • Jay Warren
  • Mike Warren
  • Pawl Warren
Councilors (four are needed):
  • Brenda Christian
  • Jay Warren
  • Mike Warren
  • Pawl Warren
  • Meralda Warren
  • Lea Brown
  • Carol Warren
  • Tom Christian
  • Charlene Warren
  • Darralyn Griffith
  • Olive Christian
  • Vaine Peu
  • Daphe Warren
  • Nola Warren

# Beyond Pitcairn.

Out in the Pacific there is an island that time forgot. A little over two hundred years into the past will bring us to it. For there we shall find one of the most fascinating adventures of all time.

# No win for Pitcairn Island Official.

Sacked Pitcairn Island commissioner, Leon Salt, has failed to win his job back, after an employment tribunal in Auckland heard that he tried to undermine British attempts to prosecute several Pitcairn men facing multiple sex charges, it was reported today.
This report also mentions the 'secret documents':
In a separate matter, Mr Fell has taken Mr Salt to court in Auckland for breach of confidence after 60 pages of top-secret Pitcairn documents found their way into the hands of a local barrister Chris Harder.
Some of the documents are understood to relate to British security matters and others are legally privileged advice to the British Government relating to the Pitcairn sex prosecutions.

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