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Saturday, 27th November, 2004

Saturday, November 27, 2004

# Remembering Pitcairn and Easter Island. Some pics here.

Pitcairn was a treat after 2 weeks at sea, sailing from Tahiti. The local people are very welcoming, and always take groups like ours -- and r1eally any random sailors that make it there -- into their homes to stay with them. Cruise ships do stop there as well, but only for a few hours.

# The story of the Pitcairn .pn internet domain.

# Testimony of William Cole (9/12/1792). Other transcripts of the court martial of the Bounty mutineers are available.

The first of my knowing it was-one Quintal, a Seaman, called to the Carpenter (but whether Quintal was in the Cabin with the Carpenter or in the Cockpit I do not know) and said that they had mutinied and taken the Ship, and Mr. Christian had the Command; the Captain was then a Prisoner on the Quarter Deck. I was asleep and it awaked me, and I jumped out of my Cabin and says to the Carpenter, " For God's sake, I hope you know nothing of this." He told me not.

# A short piece about the brother of Fletcher Christian.

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