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Monday, 6th December, 2004

Monday, December 6, 2004

# According to the Friends of Pitcairn group there was an accident on Pitcairn Island while unloading supplies from a supply ship. A longboat floundered on the rocks. The longboat was carrying drums of diesel fuel, timber and other supplies. The crew were thankfully unhurt.

Unfortunately as attempts were made to haul the longboat off the rocks a rope came unstuck and struck one of the Islanders, almost severing their right elbow. They were later evacuated to Magareva on the Braveheart where they will be flown to Tahiti. The longboat was eventually recovered but is not able to be repaired on the Island and will be sent to New Zealand for repairs.

Not a good day for Pitcairn and I wish the speedy recover of those who were injured. I'm sure the thoughts of the readers of this website are with them.

# The Great Revolution in Pitcairn. A short story by Mark Twain about Pitcairn.

Let me refresh the reader's memory a little. Nearly a hundred years ago the crew of the British ship Bounty mutinied, set the captain and his officers adrift upon the open sea, took possession of the ship, and sailed southward. They procured wives for themselves among the natives of Tahiti, then proceeded to a lonely little rock in mid-Pacific, called Pitcairn's Island, wrecked the vessel, stripped her of everything that might be useful to a new colony, and established themselves on shore.

# From 'Friends of Pitcairn' comes this link to a description of a landing on Pitcairn during the time that the Pitcairn Islanders had left the island to live on Norfolk Island.

It was determined to rig one of the boats and make the 80 mile trip to Pitcairn Island, which was supposed to be inhabited. A heavy surf prevailed until the 13th, when Captain Knowles, mate Bartlett, and five men, with the treasure, were able to get to sea. The second mate was instructed to also proceed to Pitcairn in case assistance had not reached his party within four weeks. After an exhausting trip of three days and a very narrow escape from being swamped and all hands drowned, the party was able to effect a landing on Pitcairn, although they could not reach Bounty Bay. No inhabitants were seen and a search of the houses resulted in the finding of various notices stating that all the residents had moved to Norfolk Island, distant about 3300 miles, west by south. Plenty of fruit, such as oranges, bananas, coconuts and breadfruit were found, as also sheep, goats bullocks and chickens.

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