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Thursday, 16th December, 2004

Thursday, December 16, 2004

# Acquitted Pitcairn Islander is new mayor BugMeNot.

The only Pitcairn Islander acquitted of sex crimes at the recent trials of seven island men has won the remote island's mayoral post in local elections, official results show.

# Pitcairn Island elects old guard BugMeNot.

Residents of remote Pitcairn Island have elected a ruling council stacked with sympathisers of seven men who were recently tried on charges of rape and sexual abuse, according to reports reaching New Zealand today.

# Thanks to Chris, who works on the Bounty Pitcairn Conference Site, comes a pointer to a couple of books written by an Adventist pastor who spent two years on Pitcairn. The books, 'Only two Square Miles' and 'The Wreck of the Wildwave' are available for order here.

# Pitcairn Island held their elections to public office on the 15th. The results are:

Island Mayor: Jay Warren
Island Chairman: Mike Warren
Island Councilors: Meralda Warren, Olive Christian, Carol Warren, Lea Brown. Congratulations to those elected!

# I got an update forwarded to me from Dennis Stephens about Darralyn:

Last night she had a set back as to the medication that was administered as she is highly allergic to it. By the phone call this afternoon she is doing great and got up for the first time and was led to the showers.

Her arm is healing nicely and she will be in hospital at least another week.

As soon as she can travel, Darralyn and husband Turi will fly to NZ where she will continue with ongoing medical attention.

Information on donating to Darralyn and Turi is available here.

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