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Tuesday, 18th January, 2005

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

# An update from Maimiti on Pitcarin about Darralyn's condition. She faces hospital again in 2 days time where they will remove the metal cage and the pins going through the bones in her arm. Both her and Turi are homesick for Pitcairn Island but face an 18 month recouperation in New Zealand after her nerve graft operation scheduled in two weeks time.

# Pitcairn Paradise Lost. A report from TVNZ's Ewart Barnsley about what it was like reporting from Pitcairn Island.

"Serious as they were, the 55 allegations of sex abuse would barely have made a newspaper paragraph or two if they had happened in New Zealand. But what turned these crimes into the sensational was the location. Pitcairn Island!"

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