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Wednesday, 9th February, 2005

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

# More mention of the Bounty mutiny in The Times, 25th June 1790, page 3 (large image here approx 1MB), first column near the bottom.

Mr Meredith, who has come home passenger in the Duke of Bucclewgh, from China, has given information to the Secretary of State, that he had been upon a voyage of speculation in the South Seas with Mr Cox, and had touched at Otaheite, where he learned that the Bounty, late Captain Bligh, had returned there with only part of the crew, and without the Captain; and that she had sailed but a few days before their arrival, with a promise that they would return in a short time.

# From the London paper, The Times, 26th March, 1790, page 3, (large image here approx 1MB), third column, near the bottom, is a mention of the Mutiny on the Bounty and the things that are "unparalleled in the annals of mutiny".

There are three circumstances in the case of the disaster which happened to Captain Bligh, that are, perhaps, unparalleled in the annals of mutiny.
The first is, that out of forty-five men eighteen should suffer themselves to be punished and put on board a boat, at the almost certainty of death, without the least resistance.
Second, that the secret of the conspiracy should be so well kept by twenty-seven men (most of them very young) as not to give the least suspicion to the rest of the crew.
And, thirdly, that after having carried through this sucessful mutiny - the question might be asked cui bono? as in those seas there was no possibility of plunder, or committing the smallest act of piracy.

# Caroline Alexander's excellent book, The Bounty, has a great reference section at the end of it. In that section I found out about online archive of The Papers of Sir Joseph Banks. There is a section in there specifically about ' Papers concerning the discovery of Pitcairn Island and the mutineers of HMS Bounty, 1808-1809, 1813-1815, [1845].

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