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Friday, 25th February, 2005

Friday, February 25, 2005

# From Joshua Benton comes news that the Dallas Morning News has a historical archive of all editions from 1885-1977. Doing a search through these archives for 'Pitcairn' has found a surprising number of Pitcairn related articles. From news of gneral goings on in Pitcairn, gifts exchanged with the Islanders, reports of deaths, nuclear tests near the Island to the establishment of the Pitcairn Islands Study Center. It's well worth digging through, even though it is a subscription service they have a 'one day pass' purchase option. Here's some brief articles I came across, but there a lots more at the historical archive:

1st April 1894
President McCoy, ruler of the famous "little community on Pitcairn Islands" has arrived on the missionary brig Pitcairn.
10th April 1897
In Captain Folger's Log Book. About the log book of the Captain of the Topaz, who found the Pitcairn Islanders in 1808.
1st December 1901
At the beginning of the new year some 120 inhabitants of the little colony will be gladdened by the appearance there of the warship Condor...
4th December 1908
British Seize Oneo Island.
30th August 1914
Descendants of British Warship mutineers own inherited paradise. An article on Norfolk Island.
26th November 1918
Thanks to the kindly impulses of Colonel George Moran, manager of the United States and Australasia Steamship Company and that of the steamship Australplain of that line, Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island, is to receive, on a voyage now about to be undertaken, its first regular mail delivery from the United States.
19th March 1922
The Strangest Community in the World.
17th November 1935
Captain Bligh's Own Log for 'Bounty' Found in Australia.
10th January 1938
Mutiny on Bounty Creates New Race of Superfolk.
20th December 1939
Pitcairn Islanders Get Mild Taste of Ancestor's Trials.
4th February 1945 and Part two
He's Trader Horn to Pitcairn Clan.
28th August 1950
Pitcairn Islander has Friend in Grapevine's Mayor Wall.
12th June 1957
Women of Pitcairn Island.
2nd December 1957
Grave of Bounty Found Off Pitcairn in Pacific.
25th February 1960
Bounty Building for New 'Mutiny'.
18th August 1960
Modest Islanders Get Bloomers.
21st December 1962
Mr Christian Takes It. A review of the 'Mutiny on The Bounty' movie.
9th January 1963
Retired Man Sends Gifts To Children On Pitcairn. A story about Grover C. Godwin and his relationship with Pitcairn.
20th March 1963
Texans 'Adopted' Pitcairn Island.
29th December 1963
The mutineers' descendants who live on lonely Pitcairn Island face a bleak future unless new sources of income can be found.
21st February 1965
Captain Bligh 'Not So Bad'. Two Pitcairn Islanders defend Bounty skipper.
17th May 1966
Britain Says Pitcairn Won't Be Abandoned.
2nd August 1967
Mutineer Descendant Visits Dallas On Tour. A story about Tom Christian visiting Dallas.
4th August 1967
Life on Pitcairn Isle. A short interview with Tom Christian while he visited Dallas.
24th September 1971
Old Descendant of Mutineer Christian Dies. The death of the 'oldest direct descendant of Fletcher Christian', Parkin Christian.
22nd December 1971
Death Takes Descendant of Bouty Figure. Frederick Martin Christian dies at the age of 88.
27th February 1972
Islanders Switch from Bloomers to Hot Pants.
23rd June 1972
Bomb Scare Spawns Bounty Band 'Mutiny'. Preparing for the French nuclear testing.
5th July 1972
Tom Christian Hurt in Mishap.
28th July 1973
Isloated bride late for vows.
19th January 1974
Fuel Supply Ends Mutiny On Pitcairn.
14th August 1977
Pitcairn Study Center established.

# Pitcairn accused extradited to NZ BugMeNot.

An Australian resident allegedly involved in the Pitcairn Island sex scandal was extradited to New Zealand today to face rape charges and granted bail.

# Another Pitcairn Islander faces rape charges.

He no longer lives on the Pacific island and faces three charges of rape allegedly committed against one young woman, the Auckland court was told.
Two further counts of indecent assault were withdrawn by Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon after a second woman withdrew her complaint against the defendant, who cannot be identified.

# From Friends Of Pitcairn, some pictures of the Pitcairn Islands and Norfolk Island taken from space.

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