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Saturday, 26th February, 2005

Saturday, February 26, 2005

# Glynn Christian is making available copies of his 1999 edition of 'Fragile Paradise'. The print run was sold out completely but Glynn has made up A4 editions, spiral bound, printed double-sided, colour cover and all photographs (photo's are black and white). The cost is $NZ60 including air mail postage. You can contact Glynn glynnxtn@ihug.co.nz for payment details, etc.

# On March the 22nd, Glynn Christian, author of ' Fragile Paradise', will be auctioning his research library of Bounty-related books and other material in Auckland, New Zealand. The auction house, which specialises in Pacific Material, is:

180 Great South Road

# Britain boosts infrastructure spending on Pitcairn.

A six-point-six million US dollar infrastructure project is getting underway on Pitcairn Island today with the aim of attracting more cruise ships.
The works to the island's roads, slipway and jetty are being funded by the British Government to improve access for tourists and to make life easier for Pitcairn's 45 residents.

# Pitcairn Island prepares for infrastructure upgrade.

Heavy earthmoving equipment has arrived in Pitcairn Island as part of a US$6.6 million upgrade to the island's infrastructure.
The British government is financing works to seal the main road up the hill to Adamstown, and to make improvements to the island's jetty and slipway to improve access for tourists.

# About Pitcairn Island. Link from Friends Of Pitcairn. Nice history of Pitcairn with photo's.

Polynesians may have settled Pitcairn as long as 3500 years ago, at least temporarily, and archaeologists believe there was a Polynesian settlement on the island between the 12th and 15th centuries AD. At that time, a lively trade was carried on between Pitcairn,
Many of Pitcairn Islands stamps are related to distant history of the island. Henderson, which was inhabited as well at that time, and Mangareva, what is now the Gambier Archipelago of South Eastern French Polynesia. These earlier settlements left burial sites containing human skeletons, petroglyphs, earth ovens, stone adzes and other artefacts, although no one is sure where the original Pitcairners came from. Pitcairn is likely to have been important for its quarry where stone adzes were mined. Despite Pitcairn's diminutive size, its fertile volcanic soils were (and still are) able to support a permanent population. When Spanish explorer de Quiros came looking for his own personal El Dorado in 1606, and found Henderson, both it and presumably Pitcairn were already deserted.

# Female Governors of External Territories. This page has a picture of Meralda Warren in her capacity as a Member of the Lgistlative Council and also Police Chief and Immigration Officer of Pitcairn Island. Link from Friends Of Pitcairn.

# James Morrison's Tahiti. Link from Friends Of Pitcairn.

The idea that sailors are the kind of people who are hard to keep interested in the greater needs of their society is challenged, however, in The Journal of James Morrison, Boatswain's Mate of the Bounty and in Morrison's Account of the Island of Tahiti & the Customs of the Islanders (the Clark holds a volume, published in 1935 by the Golden Cockerel Press, which reproduces both the journal and the account from the manuscripts in the Mitchell Library of New South Wales).

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