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Thursday, 12th April, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

# The Pitcairn Island internet connection was upgraded recently to allow higher speeds. According to this Radio New Zealand post, it was increased to 512 kilobits per second to be shared amongst all the internet using residents.

"Bill Haigh, who is responsible for Pitcairn's telecommunications, says a team will head to the island in June to upgrade the link which will see broadband width doubled to just over 500 (512) kilobits per second."

Satellite internet seems to be fairly costly. Pactel's Ku Band VSAT page shows costs for installation and monthly charges if someone wanted their own broadband capable satellite internet connection on the island.

The island used to receive internet by sharing the satellite connection used by the United States Geologic Survey station on the island. There's a nice description of the network setup for this here. Later the government arranged their internet capability. The history of the islands internet is summarized at the Pitcairn Internet Project page, although that page doesn't have the most recent information. The most recent costs for residents that I've heard about were about $40 per 400 MB.

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