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Review of Projects as at 31 January 2005

The following is an HTML conversion of the original document which summarises the status of Pitcairn Island Office projects as at 31 January 2005. The original document was kindly supplied by Leslie Jaques and made available to the Future Of Pitcairn mailing list by Richard Hudson. Many thanks to Richard for giving me permission to provide access to it on this site.

Pitcairn Island Office

Review of Projects as at 31 January 2005

Wealth Creation


  • First commercial shipment sent to Japan, awaiting feedback.
  • Looking to dispatch a further order once cruise ship requirements have been met.
  • Hives successfully split, increasing from 60 to 75.
  • Awaiting PIPCO minutes.
  • Balance of $50,000 investment allocation will be carried forward into new financial year.

Eco/Adventure Tourism

  • Report from Tourism Resource Consultants Limited, commissioned by DFID now awaited.
  • Will look to put the fundamentals in place during March.
  • Feedback extremely positive.

Interactive Website

  • Pitcairn Governement and Stamps.PN websites now linked.
  • Online shopping facility now completed and is currently being tested before going live.
  • Online sale of complimentary items and curios will be added as part of phase 2.
  • Online Miscellany now launched and has 325 subscribers, making upgraded publication now profitable.
  • PN domain continues to provide modest income, though declining.

Commercial Fishing

  • Still awaiting report from South Pacific Commission regarding commercial fishing opportunities in the Pitcairn Islands economic zone.
  • Opportunities to sell monthly quotas initially, enquiries are already being received from NZ based trawler fleets.


  • Successfully outsourced after initial problem
  • Complimentary lines and online purchasing about to be introduced
  • Still questions on actual profitability, lead and lag effect of 2 year sale or return arrangements with agents makes assessment difficult.
  • Systems are being introduced to provide more accurate and monitoring and reporting


  • Investigating potential commercial export opportunities with Pitcairn plants.
  • Allocating $10,000 to development of the nursery in 2005/06 financial year.


Wind Power

  • Funds have been allocated from FCO GGF for pilot study with potentially 2 small windmills on the Island to access viability.
  • Strategy and time lines to be agreed during upcoming visit of Deputy Governor and Commissioner.


  • Progress on urgent rewiring of family homes and public buildings, previously agreed, will be reviewed during March.


  • Southern Salvor will be arriving at Pitcairn on around the 25th of February, with 4 McConnell Dowell engineers and the first shipment of heavy equipment.
  • Second shipment to arrive late March and everything is on track for the completion of these projects for end August 2005.
  • It has been agreed to include as part of the project the clearing of rocks at Bounty Bay as suggested by council.

Heavy Equipment

  • A list has been provided to council of the approx $1.4 million of essential heavy equipment which will be left on the island at the conclusion of the first stage of infrastructure redevelopment.


  • Feasibility studies are about to commence, with Tonkin & Taylor and McConnell Dowell offering their expertise.
  • This study in tandem with the access study commissioned by DFID will form the basis of the submission to the EU with regards to utilising their funding allocation of EURO 2.3 million for this purpose.

Access Study

  • An access study has been commissioned and funded by DFID, which will explore all of the options to access Pitcairn, including boats currently servicing the area and joint venture opportunities.
  • The current arrangement, while not entirely satisfactory, is a start and considerably better than what was available previously.

Medical Centre

  • Funding for X-Ray machine is being provided by FCO GGF.
  • This is expected to be delivered on the May shipment.
  • Funding for replacement dental equipment is also being sourced by FCO.

Fumigation Shed

  • On hold pending further assessment.

Public Buildings

  • Feasibility studies to upgrade treasurer's office, satellite station and Library underway.


  • On hold.

French Polynesia

  • Memorandum of understanding awaiting final drafts for approval, this will open up trade and tourism routes and provide arrangements for medical support and facilities with our nearest neighbour.

Commemoration Plaque

  • Plaque commemorating the first Polynesian settlers was delivered to the Island and erected at a ceremony on Bounty Day.


  • Increased bandwidth has considerably improved internet access for islanders. (paid for by HMG).
  • $30,000 allocation to improve communications was largely unutilised and will be carried forward into the new financial year.
  • Suggestions of a Pitcairn Radio station to be followed up.
  • FCO GGF will allocate funds for a full review of island communications during the 2005/06 financial year.

Information Centre

  • In tandem with the interactive website, the new PIO premises will include an information/visitor centre with static displays and the ability to purchase stamps, curios, etc.
  • Note: New premises for remaining two year lease period is on the same floor of the same building.


  • A builder is travelling to Pitcairn on the February rotation to complete this project, funded by FCO. This should be completed by the end of March 2005.

Service Issues

Monthly Reporting

  • Reporting is now in place and commenced from 31 December 2004.
  • A commissioner's report and a financial reoprt will also be prepared each month.
  • A summary report will also be forwarded to Island Council on a monthly basis for review.

Pension Scheme

  • A review of the pension scheme is currently underway.
  • Effective 01 April 2005, married couple pensions will be abolished and the rate for each qualifying individual will increase from $190 per month to $220.

Compassionate Grants

  • The compassionate grant and the daily subsistence allowence of $10 will be reviewed during March in conjunction with the Mayor and Island Council.


  • A complete review of the Pitcairn island education policy will be undertaken in March. This will include ongoing education for secondary school students, the difficulties and ambivalent attitudes of the current providers, (NZ Correspondence School), including investigating alternatives and the suggestion to include the "Pitkern" language in the curriculum.

Skills Database

  • CV's for the Islanders have been prepared and provided to McConnell Dowell and Tonkin & Taylor to assist with their recruitment of additional labour.
  • The upgrading and enhancement of the document will be ongoing. The aim being to provide both education and equal opportunities for all Islanders going forward.

PIO Operations

  • A review of all operations of PIO activities on the Island will be undertaken during March, includnig payment processes, role of IT and IA, and other government appointments.
  • A annual performance appraisal will be introduced for all PIO/Goverment jobs.

Co-Op Store

  • A review of the operations of the store and the investment of PIO to be undertaken in March.
  • An end of year stock take to be taken as part of the March 2005 audit.

Land Court

  • The documentation and MO to be reviewed in March.

Loan Facilities

  • A home loan scheme on generous terms has been introduced to encourage first time buyers and those wishing to upgrade their homes to invest in their future on Pitcairn. $40,000 is available to first home builders and $20,000 is available for refurbishments and upgrades on existing homes on the Island.
  • These loans are approved by council.
  • An HP type chattel security arrangement has been introduced with a maximum facility level of $5,000 with principal and interest repayments made monthly over 5 years with payments deducted at source.
  • A simple banking arrangement where by funds banked it the treasurer's office on island, can be made available in New Zealand for purchases if required.
  • It is hoped to introduce other simply banking services in line with requirements of the islanders.


  • Following discussions with council it is hoped to arrange a bi-annual visit to the island by an Optometrist to meet the increasing need for optical services by the Pitcairners. We would anticipate a three month turn around for spectacles, lenses, etc.

emacs Copyright © 2004 by Chris Double <chris.double@double.co.nz>