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Wednesday, 4th February, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

# There is an interesting photographic project involving Pitcairn Island coming up. The project is being done by Rhiannon Adam and is a "Photographic Portrait of Pitcairn Island".

Rhiannon will be travelling from London to Pitcairn and will spend three months on the island. During that time Rhiannon will be creating a photographic record of Pitcairn Island. From the Photographic Portrait of Pitcairn Island Kickstarter:

My project aim is to create a comprehensive photographic record of Pitcairn island, detailing its geography, customs, people and culture. This will be the first photographic project to document Pitcairn and its people and will give a unique insight into what life is like living on the edge of the world. I will also be staging the first ever exhibition to begin in Pitcairn and tour back to the UK, forging a link between these two cultures. With the magic of instant film I can get around the fact that Pitcairn has no printing services or labs and will be able to create a body of work that is Pitcairn through and through - born in the place it shows.

In the long term, I also aim to create a book of the work, and will be creating a short run edition for Kickstarter backers as an exclusive preview. There will also be a range of outcomes including film footage, audio recordings, as well as photographs and writing. Because of the length of my stay, I'll also be able to experience a birthday on Pitcairn!

The Kickstarter has a £6,000 goal and is about 20% of the way there. It ends on the 26th of February. The backer rewards are quite impressive and includes postcards from Pitcairn as well as prints and photos depending on the reward level.

It looks like an exciting project and an opportunity to highlights the unique aspects of Pitcairn Island. Follow Rhiannon's Blog and back the kickstarter project if you're interesting in supporting the adventure.

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