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Thursday, 19th February, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

# Some Pitcairn Islanders have websites which allow purchasing goods online. The income from these sales go to the islanders. If you want great Pitcairn items and want to support the Island, here's some of the sites I've come across:

Pitcairn Island Products
This is the official goverment Pitcairn products site. From here you can purchase coins, books, honey and honey related products, playing cards, phone cards and Pitcairn flags. The honey purchases from this site go to PIPCO, a community cooperative, so the islanders benefit from the income. I especially like the children's book, Mi Bas side orn Pitcairn. It has snippets in the Pitkern language that are a joy to read.
Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau
The place to purchase Pitcairn Island stamps. They have facebook page too. Note that it's a 'person' page so you have to send a friend request.
Maimiti Haven Arts
This is the website of Islanders Meralda and Mavis Warren. There's a bunch of stuff available in their store and can be bought using PayPal. There's honey, body cream, necklaces, earings, baskets, Pitcairn songs, and more. Coffee coming soon too! Be sure to check out Tapa pages, like this tapa 2014 page. Kimiora Warren Peu, one of the younger islands, has their own tapa page too which look to be available for sale.
Online Pitcairn Souvenirs page
Mike Warren's website, Online Pitcairn, has a souvenirs page with items that can be purchased via PayPal. The page lists Bounty models, walking sticks, and other carvings. There is also a basket, honey and Pitcairn Island map.
Tom & Betty Christian's Souvenirs Page
This is the website of Tom and Betty. Unfortunately Tom passed away last year and I'm unsure if Betty is still taking orders. The page lists Polo shirts, books and hats, various assorted items and photographs. I purchased a bunch of goodies from Betty when I was on Pitcairn in 2012 and treasure them still.
Tibi Crafts
The website of Brian and Kari Young. Their shop page shows examples of the many carvings that can be done. It also lists the history of carving on the island. There's a great history on Pitcairn Honey there as well.
Big Flower
The website of Kerry Young and Heather Menzies. Their product intro page describes some of the items available, which include soap, baskets and dolls made by Nola Warren, and handcrafted jewellery. Make sure you look for the 'Next' link on some of the pages for further products.
Bounty Crafts
The website of Jay and Carol Warren. Their souvenirs page has the list of products available. This includes shirts, singlets, tea towels, baskets, hattie leaves, grass skirts and dried fruit.
Mike and Brenda Christian
The website of Mike and Brenda Christian. The online store lists honey products, printed products, and wood carvings.
Dennis and Irma's Products
The website of Dennis and Irma. The products page has honey, walking canes, carvings, baskets, books, maps and other things.
Brown family products
This is the website of Dave Brown and family. The products include, honey, carvings and canes. The Bounty model available here can be carved by Len Brown or Dennis Christian.
Nadine Christian's website
Nadine is the islands resident author. Her books have Pitcairn as the location and theme. Her books are available on Amazon as physical books or Kindle e-books. You can find the list on her books page.

Keep in mind that ordering from Pitcairn can take some time. The supply ship is on a three month rotation and this is how orders get sent out. This is part of the attraction of ordering from such a remote place. The anticipation of the wait, the rarity of the items you get, and the wonderful quality of them.

Many thanks to the link of islander sites listed at the Pitcairn Islands Tourism site and Friends of Pitcairn mailing list which helped in building this list.

If there are any other sites that provide online ordering of Pitcairn items where the funds go to the island please get in touch via chris@pitcairnnews.co.nz.

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